Philosophy and Research

Filosofia Dermo28

Our promise

There is a story behind the formulations and guaranteed effectiveness of DERMO28. A story made of research, passion, attention to detail, Italian excellence. A story born from the promise of tangible results, to help every woman take care of her skin with personalized solutions. An authentic promise of Beauty.

DERMO28 was born in 1995 thanks to a group of highly specialized professionals in the care and treatment of the skin. Our team makes use of cosmetologists, dermatologists, formulating chemists, aesthetic doctors, psychologists, aesthetics and marketing professionals who, despite the different training courses, share the same curiosity and the desire to explore and innovate.

DERMO28 not only aims to combat specific skin problems, but goes straight to the heart. Thanks to the unmistakable textures and pleasant but discreet fragrances, all the formulations stimulate the senses, arousing a deep and lasting sensation of well-being.

Our products are made of emotions and creativity: ingredients that are not written on the packaging, but that you will feel on your fingers and on your skin every time you choose DERMO28.

Rinnovamento cellulare

A brand, a fundamental concept

DERMO28 bases its philosophy on cell renewal. The skin is a biological system endowed with extraordinary vitality: every 28 days, in fact, the epidermis is completely renewed through cell regeneration which we consider synonymous with life and energy. Our name derives from this fundamental concept:


It underlines the scientific and dermocosmetic imprint of the brand.


It takes up the idea of โ€‹โ€‹cell regeneration which, in a young and healthy skin, is really 28 days.

Precisely for this reason all our products have been studied with method and precision to promote and facilitate the cell turnover process and to maintain optimal hydration. The skin can thus be reborn to a new life and become even more beautiful and luminous.

Made in Italy

Why should you put your skin in our hands?

โ€“ Because Made in Italy has always been recognized as a symbol of excellence, elegance, beauty and quality. Precisely for this reason, all DERMO28 formulations are designed and produced in Italy, making use of the most innovative scientific studies and the most performing technologies.

โ€“ Because our strong point is the great attention to detail, to the pursuit of beauty in all its forms, to taste, to elegance.

โ€“ Because like the finest fabrics, our products adapt to your skin, giving you a unique and inimitable experience every time.

โ€“ Because thanks to twenty years of experience in the Italian market, DERMO28 has also become an international brand, recognized and distributed in many countries around the world.

โ€“ Because for us Made in Italy is a value, in which we believe and from which we constantly draw inspiration.

Centro Studi e Ricerche Dermo28
Formulazione Dermo 28

All our formulations are studied and created by the professionals of the DERMO28 Study & Research Center.
The Center is made up of two distinct groups that manage the various aspects of product creation.
On the one hand, the Laboratories are constantly looking for exclusive and innovative active ingredients for the creation of new formulations; on the other hand, the team of dermatologists from the University of L'Aquila, led by Prof. Giampiero Mazzocchetti, is responsible for scientifically testing and validating the effectiveness of the products.

The secret of the DERMO28 Study & Research Center consists in the creation of cosmetics with a very high concentration of absolutely safe active ingredients, and applied with specific, exclusive and personalized methods for each skin type.
Furthermore, all products are scientifically tested only on people and not on animals (in accordance with European legislation) because we want what we believe in to be ethical, safe and proven effective.