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Ethics has always been the basis of our relationships and the quality of relationships with our partners and customers is at the center of our projects. We believe that ethics in relationships is the basis for creating well-being and we think that this is a value that must be continuously sought after and safeguarded. We also believe that well-being is everyone's right and it is precisely for this reason that we have decided to set up "DERMO28 Cares" in partnership with "NEED YOU Onlus" to give our small contribution to improve the quality of life of thousands of children and kids all over the world.

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Need You Onlus


NEED YOU Onlus is a NO-PROFIT Association created to support and help needy children of the "Don Orione" Foundation communities around the world. Currently it also supports other Associations that support children and young people in need of help. The idea was born a few years ago from the mind of Adriano Assandri, a Piedmontese entrepreneur, who gathered around him a group of friends, including entrepreneurs and managers of large companies, and together they decided to devote part of their time and money to the weakest, especially children and teenagers.

Need You Onlus aims to protect and support needy children and young people of the Third World, trying to provide them with continuous help and support.

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The project we support together

In 2016 the project “Villaggio Need You Onlus” – Houses for families in Congo was launched.

Today, 198 families who used to live in “Bukavu Hell” (1,000 people living in 1,000 square meters crammed into tents with only two toilets and a water supply point) now live in better conditions: no longer crowded under a canopy on the open sewer, but on the hill above, in simple tents, a little larger and brighter, but still in the tents. We want to build small houses to make their life more dignified.

The construction of about 200 houses is planned, which will be added to the toilets, the central pagoda and the other buildings that have been built in recent years.

Donate your contribution to this project by purchasing #Dermo28Cares products or by making a donation to NEED YOU ONLUS, Strada Alessandria 134 (ex Regione Barbato, 21) 15011 Acqui Terme (AL) – Italy Bank: Unicredit IBAN: IT63 N020 0848 45000 01013 53990 Don't forget to insert "Dermo28 Cares" in the purpose of the bank transfer.